Entering the Europe region involve both economic and stratetic challenge for most IP holders. Thanks to our extensive practice at European Level we are able to provide the whole range of IP services to ensure the adecuate protection of your rights in Europe.

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In order to simplify the validation process through us, you have access to an extensive and well-established network of Patent Attorneys in every European countries, just inform us with the EP number and the jurisdiction choose and we will provide a detailed estimation of cost for the selected jurisdiction within 48 hours, we undestand the importance of a fast and sharp response.

Taking into consideration that serveral countries in the EPC does not allow National Phases of a PCT (Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands) and that the expenses are equal or lower that an identical application filed nationally the Euro phase has become a popular choice for those PCT holders that intended protection for Europe.


The time limit for initiating regional processing at the EPO (entering the European regional phase) is 31 months from the earliest claimed priority date of the PCT application, or from the filing date if no priority is claimed.

It is necessary to pay a filing fee, a designation fee – a single fee covers all EPC states and an examination fee – amount depends on ISA. It is also neccesary to pay search fee of the EPO was not the ISA. The common cost of a  Euro-PCT is €4000 to €6000 (including official fees). An excesive number of claims mugh results in a significant increase of a Euro-PCT, it is therefore  advisable to reduce the number of claims filed by the EPO as far as possible. The eventual expenses in proffesional advise for such amendments are clearly compensated by the reduction of the official fees.

Documentation needed: details of the PCT;  translation of the application into an official EPO language (English, French and German); information about the results of a patent office search on an earlier application from which priority is claimed.


The granted European patent will only take effect in countries where it is validated. 

Basically there are 3 groups of countries with different requirements.

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As registered Proffesional representatives before OHIM we are entitle to handle CTM application as well as opposition proceedins, cancellations and renewals.

  • Clearance Search-28 countries or top 5 jurisdictions (Germany, France, Italy, Uk and Spain).
  • Flat fees for the whole prosecution process (no charge for Search report, Publication or Office Action).
  • Free of charge revision of the list of goods and services to meet the requirements of the OHIM practice.
  • Fast procees of the instructions: If the list of goods and services are according to OHIM we guarantee the filing with 24 hours from the instructions.
  • Pre-opposition negociations for avoiding opposition proceedings.
  • Watching services for the 28 countries.